Critical Thinking Cheatsheet Multilingual Pack

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Critical thinking skills are life skills we use every day. It's one of the many reasons why we develop resources like our widely popular Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet. After much demand, we have finally been able to reproduce it for international audiences.

The same resource offering questions that work to develop critical thinking on any given topic is now available in seven different languages:

  • Arabic —للتفكير النقدي
  • Chinese —批判性思维 的终极备忘单
  • Japanese —クリティカルシンキングの究極のヒントシート
  • French —Réflexion Critique
  • German —Kritisches Denken
  • Spanish —Pensamiento Crítico
  • Swedish —Kritiskt Tänkande

The Critical Thinking Cheatsheet Multilingual Pack—now we're thinking critically all over the world!