Twitter-Tastic Teacher's Guide

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Ever since 2006, Twitter has become a tried-and-true digital teaching and learning platform. Now you can bring the power of Twitter into your classroom, with the amazing Twitter-Tastic Teacher's Guide.

In this digital PDF guide you'll find 30 Twitterrific classroom activities to explore with your students. Each page is packed with suggestions, tips, and screenshots for you to visualize how best to use Twitter in your own classroom. 

Explore activities like:

  • Following news feeds and blogs for class projects
  • Role-playing and quizzing as characters from fiction and history
  • Building a brand with Twitter and using it as a mini-portfolio tool
  • Scavenger hunts, art galleries, and meme-tracking
  • Class management tips and strategies
  • Tips and information for expanding your PLN
  • A huge list of Twitter education hashtags to follow